The Best iTunes Alterna‎tives for Mac: Get Your Mu

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In fact, you might opt for our favorite iTunes alternative: Vox MP3 and FLAC Music Player. Its free version has many of the features you’d want in a music player and media manager: An elegant interface, high-resolution audio, and support for a variety of audio sources and formats.

Speaking of the Vox Premium player service, users can access a host of premium Vox player features if they sign up for either a monthly or annual subscription. These features include support for SONOS wireless speakers systems, access to over 30,000 radio stations, advanced audio settings, and unlimited music cloud storage. The subscription rate is currently $5 per month or $50 per year.

It 8217;s also easy to use, and supports a laundry list of video and audio formats. For those concerned about privacy and security, the developers behind VLC Media Player also maintain that their media players don 8217;t contain spyware, ads, or engage in user tracking.

It 8217;s also worth noting that while it 8217;s described as being able to play a wide variety of audio formats (including FLAC), the Fidelia app 8220;does not support DRM-protected AAC files. 8221;


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